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NAME: jade.
AGE: 18+.
CONTACT: [plurk.com profile] bogans
CHARACTERS PLAYED: bellamy blake ( [personal profile] dominance ) and finnick odair ( [personal profile] braiding )


NAME: Cordelia Chase.
CANON: Buffyverse.
AGE: 21.
CANON POINT: 5x22: You're Welcome.

BACKGROUND: You're a sheep!

Cordelia would want the representatives to look after her champ, Angel. Make sure he stays on the right path. Make sure his head stays screwed on straight. Maybe make sure he invests in some colour for his wardrobe. As she used her last bits of energy to bring him back from the brink of self-destruction, she wants the representatives to make sure he's looked after in her stead, since she won't be going back home.

While Cordelia's had a horrible time with men, with Xander being a poor choice of a boyfriend, being an idiot with Angel where they took to long to get their shit straight, and she was once impregnated by a demon, she'll do anything for her best friend. She's affectionate with those she cares about, and even with Buffy Summers, a girl she doesn't like, she's physically intimate with. She's a good fit as she'll do anything for Angel and to secure his safety, and she's very, very big on consent. She wouldn't want to make anyone uncomfortable, but she wouldn't want anyone to go a little touch-hungry, either.

Romance is probably the part of her experience that's incredibly iffy (we don't talk about Connor), but Cordelia seems to be affectionate with her friends. She cares about Buffy, she cares about Xander and Willow, and she's not afraid to really show it. She'd hold someone's hand and hug them.

Besides, she also hasn't lived her life, so she might as well make the most of this opportunity.


ANYTHING ELSE? Cordelia was a half-demon and a seer. She's since Ascended and is a Power That Be. I'm cool with any power nerfing.

Visions: Gifted from Doyle, these visions are generally ambiguous. They consist of images, sights, smells, tastes, you name it. Cordelia is able to tap into a vision and pretty much rewind it. It's not one of those one-time deals where you have to pay attention and have an excellent memory. At first, they were painful, but once Cordelia became a half-demon, these visions were painless. It was as though she could be alert, rather than thrown across the room, after she sliced away a part of her humanity.

They were killing her. She wasn't meant to ever have them. As a human, she wasn't built with the proper pain threshold to be able to handle the pain of visions. It's unsaid as to whether Doyle could, as he would be in pain similar to Cordelia, but after her promotion into a half-demon, it was as though it came as easy to her as breathing air.

Half-demon: This is tricky. We're never told what demon she became, but she has demonstrated some weird abilities ever since her demonisation. Most importantly, she's able to handle the visions much better than she could as a human. Other powers include, levitation, the ability to purify (or heal) souls affected by demons, she could light up like a Christmas tree and somehow destroy demons (by lighting up so brightly that they must combust or something like that. We're never really shown it, except that she just becomes super bright - or a glow in the dark human). With this light manipulation, she could disintegrate objects like a knife.

Death: It's not really stated if Cordelia has kept any of her powers after her death, or while in her coma-state. She gets visions from the Powers That Be, rather than opting to have them when she wants. Many of her abilities were designed by Jasmine, in order to prepare her for her hyjacking.

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